How to Choose a Multi-Occasion Suit

Maybe you’re the kind of guy who’s only going to have one suit in his wardrobe, so you want it to be a good one that works for all kinds of occasions.  And something that’s neutral enough that people won’t think: "Hey, he’s wearing that suit again." Here are some suggestions to optimize your purchase.

Traditional is the way to go

When selecting a suit for multiple occasions, it’s always best to opt for the more traditional.  Also, considering that job interviews are often the reason for such a suit, traditional is really the only way to go.

Think single-breasted

Go for a single-breasted style (either a two- or three-button silhouette); it is best to concentrate on suits in one of these cuts.

Traditional colours are often best

For sheer versatility it is best to concentrate on suits that are navy or black.  These are the only suit colours appropriate for all job interviews, as well as most non-formal suit events.  Solid swatches are the most flexible in terms of accessories, although a subtle pinstripe suit can also be a sharp choice.

Choose wool

The suit selected should be 100% worsted wool.  Suits made of wool are the most comfortable, as the natural wool fiber wears cooler in warmer climates and warmer when it is cooler.  Still, the main reason to select wool is that its natural elasticity means that suits made of this material will wear well and maintain their shape, while also shedding most wrinkles between wears.

Head to Moores

And when in doubt, head to a Moores.  Our Wardrobe Consultants are experts at helping you choose a suit that not only fits each of the above criteria, but also one that works well with your specific colouring and body type.

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